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Conex Research

Conex is short for for Conceptual Exploration. What started as an online designathon series in April 2020, grew to an international and interdisciplinary student and early career research group. We are currently working on the Arcanum mission that focuses on Neptune, Triton and the Kuiper Belt.

The main session takes place on Friday evenings. You can register your interest on the Conex Website:

CAD and Design Team

  • Spacecraft design
  • Visual presentation of the mission
  • Corporate design
  • Social Media content creation

Simulations Team

  • Impact analysis of penetrators (CFD)
  • Material science

Science and Electronics Team

  • Planetary science
  • Scientific Instruments
  • Communications
  • Data science

Systems Engineering Team

  • Mission profile and subsystems
  • Launch and deployment
  • Timeline and trajectories
  • Cost and risks

Arcanum Mission

The Arcanum mission is an L-class spacecraft consisting of an orbiter and space telescope around Neptune called Somerville and landers for Triton, including the soft lander Bingham as well as two penetrators.


  • An L-class Multirole Observatory and Science Platform for Neptune / GLEX 2021, St. Petersburg
  • Arcanum Mission: Scientific Objectives and Instruments for Neptune, Triton and KBOs / Renventing Space Conference 2021, London, Journal of the British Interplanetary Society (JBIS)
  • Concepts for a timeline of a Neptunian system probe / IAC 2021, Dubai