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Meet the team

The Variint team consists of a variety of engineers. We are not a company, but everyone is self-employed. The purpose of the website is to collect different fields of expertise, to expand our services for customers. The Variint expert that suits the field of expertise you need best, will work on the customers' order.

Fields of expertise include:

  • media technology
  • web development
  • project management
  • software engineering
  • games engineering
  • electronics
  • graphics design
  • marketing
  • networks technology
  • mechatronics

Christina Bornberg

Chrisy studied IT and media technology in the technical high school HTL Wien Rennweg where she obtained the project management level-D certificate as well as became TYPO3 CMS Certified Editor. She studies electronics at FH Technikum and is currently in Loughborough University for an exchange year in England. She is the head coordinator of Variint and administrates the website. Besides, she works as the marketing leader for a company as she has Hubspots' Inbound Marketing certificate. Her hobbys are bakind cupcakes, playing guitar and doing the #100DaysOfCode challenge on Twitter.

Samantha Fuchs

Sammy was in the technical high school HTL Wien Rennweg where she studied IT and network technology and became a certified project manager, level-D due to her education. At the moment she studies software engineering at Technical University Vienna. Not just as a tutor in logics, her logical thinking brain helps her, she also enriches the Variint team. While working for an IT company and doing her A-Levels project, Sammy also got lots of web development skills. In her freetime, she loves to dance, either cheer dance or standard/latin dances. Besides, she likes to bake cakes and cupcakes.

Katharina Joksch

Kathi studied IT and media technology in HTL Wien Rennweg, where she obtained the TYPO3 CMS Certified Editor and the project management level D certificate, later she also became inbound marketing certified by Hubspot. At the moment she studies economics and German. Besides, she works as a web developer for a company based in Vienna. In the Variint team, she is the conscientious web developer, who loves to do graphics design. With her good mood, she helps preventing conflicts. Her hobbies are dancing and she likes yoga. Furthermore, she also likes baking cupcakes.