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Variation of engineering related projects.


Summer schools, conferences and competitions.


Build websites, do graphic design, and develop software.


Next goal: Space Studies Program

I am Christina and I want to attend the ISU. The program fees are 18.500€ and therefore I am currently looking for sponsors. Picture: © 2019 MA Jakob/WINart - Summer School Alpbach FFG/ESA.

Christina Bornberg at SSIMA 2019.

SSIMA 2019

SSIMA is the annual international MedTech festival in Eastern Europe. It took place from 16-20 September 2019 in Bucharest, Romania.

Summer School Alpbach 2019

The topic of the summer school was "Geophysics from Space using Micro- or Nano-Satellite Constellations" and took place from July 16-25.