About me

Hi everyone, I am Christina Bornberg and this is my project collection website!

My variation of interests in the engineering and computer science field is quite broad. You can find everything related to medical image analysis with traditional computer vision algorithms and deep learning in the Life Science section. I am currently co-leading an international, interdisciplinary space mission design group called Conex. Everything space related I have been working on so far is in the Space section. I did my undergraduate in electronics engineering and some projects I did are listed in the Electronics section and last but not least, I enjoy typography and illustration which you can find in the Graphics section.

Educational background

I love living and studying abroad, so this is what I did in the past years. I am glad to call my home Vienna, the capital of Austria (not Germany, not Australia), where I started my undergraduate in electronics at UAS Technikum in 2016. I had the chance to do an Erasmus+ exchange year in the University of Loughborough/UK in 2018/19 and this motivated me so much that I decided to do four summer schools in 2019: ESA Alpbach Summer School in Austria, SSIMA: MedTech in Romania, Illustration in Estonia and Deep Learning in Denmark. This was followed by a semester abroad in the University of Southampton/UK.

Back in Vienna, I was able to do my Bachelor's thesis on cell segmentation at OFI and later started as an undergraduate researcher in the Ophthalmology department/Medical University of Vienna, working on a multi-task ResNet for the classification of eye images. After graduating, I did a summer internship at WEISS/University College London, working on semi-supervised vessel segmentation of fetoscopy images.

Currenty, I'm a scholar of the Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree "MSc in Medical Imaging and Applications" and am based in France.